Not surprisingly, the kids are interested in the game projects I’m building for class. But they want to play on the TV. We have a little Windows PC hooked up there that’s already used for games and such.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to package up the games. The wiki describes it reasonably well. Once again, being camped on 10.2 makes it a little more work.

Here’s how I do it:


zip -9 --exclude .git\/* -r /tmp/${GAME}.love .
cat ${LOVE_WIN_HOME}/love.exe /tmp/${GAME}.love /tmp/${GAME}.exe

No game would be complete without an icon, and the easiest way to set one here is the venerable Resource Hacker, which runs quite well under wine.

I’m trying on Kev Quirk’s “100 Days To Offload” idea. You can see details and join yourself by visiting