Now that I’ve coached my kids and their friends for a few seasons, I have a fairly well-developed routine for getting ready for practices and games. Every time I do it, I’d like an app to help me with the following:

  • Take scratches from the online RSVPs
  • Randomize my batting order
    • For teeball/rookies, make sure I’m spreading the fun of batting first and last around the team evenly over the season, and that I don’t have kids constantly in the upper third or lower third of the lineup.
  • Randomize fielding positions
  • Make sure nobody is in the outfield more than two innings, and try to avoid putting them in the same exact position twice per game
  • Avoid pitching kids who are ineligible either due to desire/aptitude or recent pitching outings
  • Avoid playing certain kids next to each other in the field if possible, given the other constraints

Almost all of this only applies at AA and below.

I’m mainly posting this wishlist in case either of the people who read my blog have either a tool or a system they like for this and want to tell me about it. I might use these ideas if I ever get around to building the app I want.