After a few years' layoff, I’m playing fantasy baseball again in 2024. Not only is this league quite a bit different from the one I used to play, the online resources for player research have changed over the past few years. This post collects some things that seem useful to me.

  • Fangraphs has grown and changed quite a bit.
  • Baseball Prospectus still seems good, but a lot of it is paywalled and I’m not sure I think it’s worth it yet.
  • Fantasy Pros has some good resources, but I’m not convinced how good this model is for a highly customized scoring system.
  • Baseball Monster looks helpful. I like the way it automatically highlights outliers.
  • Roto baller is new to me.
  • NFBC publishes some good ADP rankings that seem like they’ll be of limited usefulness to me, but I want to remember the site for later.
  • Beyond the box score used to be helpful. Maybe it still is?
  • High Heat Stats seems to be where baseball-reference bloggers went.
  • Baseball Reference is great, of course, for non-blog content.
  • Retrosheet has all the historical play-by-play data I’ve ever wanted. Not that useful for fantasy, but great for settling arguments between fantasy players.
  • Inside the Pen looks like it’ll be useful for in-season details about relief pitchers.

Also, pour one out for RotoGuru and DailyBaseballData.

I think the thing I want most is probably the paperback Baseball Prospectus. But that may not be gettable before I need to make decisions about keepers on the team I’ll be inheriting.

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This is day #2.